10 Reasons To Come Live in Mexico

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13 May 2016
10 Reasons To Come Live in Mexico

“Why don’t I extend this vacation forever?” is a question that the whole world asks from one day to the next as they sip on a margarita while lounging in a sun chair… Why don’t you live in Mexico as you want?
Why not follow your dreams? Mexico is a country that is attractive for foreigners for the following reasons, as many of us expats that live here know-specifically in Playa del Carmen. When we receive guests on excursions, the first question asked is ” Why Mexico?”Here is a response for those who are thinking of living the expat life:

1/ Weather: Whether you are from Europe or Canada, you most likely cannot say that the weather is pleasant all year around. You might have one or two months out of the year that are nice, but most of the time it is not that extraordinary which in the end has a big effect on people’s morale.… In Mexico, you can definitely forget the question, “What is the weather like?,” because most of the time it’s 30 degrees and sunny and the rest of the time we go to the cinema or enjoy the cloudy weather while wearing long sleeves.…

2/ The beaches: We are talking about the 14,400 km (9,000 miles) of Mexican coastline overlooking the Pacific and Caribbean Sea with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

3/ The cost of living: Now, let’s talk money: Mexico is much cheaper than France or Quebec-between 30 and 50% cheaper! Having a property in Mexico for example, only costs about 300 USD per year in taxes! Your purchasing power will be much stronger with your euros or dollars.

4/ The Culture: The pre-Hispanic civilization is truly amazing and not much is known about them-we are talking about the ancient people from 2,000 year B.C and all of them were very different (Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs, and Zapotecs).…etc. There are so many archaeological sites throughout the country that you will never be able to get to know them all. Also, due to the arrival of the Spaniards, there are many beautiful colonial towns to discover.

5/ The Nature: Mexico is so exuberant and diverse and you can find anything from jungles to deserts, mountains, and cenotes. There is simply something for everyone, with so many incredible places. Even after 10 years of living in the Yucatan, we do not know everything there is to discover here.

6/ The Food: Generally, Mexican food pleases most people. Tacos, meat, seafood, fajitas, and margaritas …, etc.-these are not unpleasant flavors at all!

7/ Home: As a foreigner, it is very easy to adapt to Mexico. There are a lot of foreigners and there are only a few easy steps you have to take and after a short time you feel like a Mexican. It feels like home!

8/ The Mexicans: To continue in the same vein, the Mexican people are very friendly, always helping us when we need it. We do not even feel like we are living abroad because Mexicans are very hospitable.

9/ No Stress: I won’t expound on this point as I am going to take a nap in a hammock. …


10/ Free Country: In Mexico, citizens are free and women have the same rights as men. While it does have its flaws and is not perfect, it is not oppressed by a dictatorship which is very important as unfortunately, this isn’t the case in every country.

We won’t lie, it isn’t all flowers and butterflies and isn’t all paradise, and you will have to do much the same as anywhere else, but Mexico is a very pleasant country to live in. If you have the chance to live here for retirement or work, you will certainly want to stay awhile.…

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Have a nice trip!

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