09 tips to travel well with children

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18 November 2016
09 tips to travel well with children

The trip with children is a challenge at all times that can be fully profitable if you respect some basic rules. From start to finish through the special moments in the heart of the destination of your choice, here are 10 tips that will help you better enjoy your travel well with children.

1. Reserve your accommodation with the utmost care

The choice of accommodation is paramount in the success of a family holidaysIn a hotel room, promiscuity could be a problem when children want to have fun outside. The rental of a villa is a particularly suitable solution because in addition to having a vast space to live, you will have a kitchen very practical in case the younger ones do not tolerate the local specialties. In addition, some villas have staff and babysitting service as well as a swimming pool that will be appreciated. The spacious and guarded garden will allow your children to let off steam!

2. Prepare your luggage carefully

With the children, one would want to take as much clothes and accessories as possible to avoid wasting time laundry. However, it is best to make a careful selection of each garment, toy and accessory that is placed in the suitcase to minimize the number and weight of luggage. It is better to have a budget for the laundry. In a rental villa equipped with all modern conveniences, you will have the advantage of having a washing machine. Leave room for the blanket, as it will allow the little ones to reassure themselves. In a hotel, laundry fees are often offered but incur additional costs … Please make sure to inquire about this before you book your hotel. The children, these little fellows, get dirty very quickly!

3. By car, train or plane, the journey must be prepared

In order for the journey to the destination to take place in the best conditions, children must be bored. It is indeed in the absence of occupation that incites them to agitate. A tablet with its applications and their favorite games, a book of coloring and some crayons of color are to envisage. A portable DVD player to see their favorite cartoons is also possible. The journey can also be seen as a time when you prepare the child for the visit or the excursion chosen: give him information on the choice of the activity, the historical context, etc …

If a getaway with friends or lovers can leave room for surprises and unexpected discoveries, a family stay is prepared thoroughly so that the youngest enjoy as much of each visit as the adults. A long stop at the museum would be uninteresting if the establishment does not propose an educational-educational itinerary. Some institutions have now created applications that are meant for them to have fun. Each step should not include too long a walk to avoid them too much for the little ones. If a long route is essential to your trip, allow for breaks.

4. Prepare a first aid kit before you travel well with children

Since one is never safe from a few small bobos, it is essential to have a small first aid kit. A disinfectant, cotton, some compresses and a medicine against fever are sufficient and will allow you to carry it everywhere without difficulty.

5. Invest in a small GPS tracker

For younger children, it is wise to buy a small GPS tracker that will be connected to the parents’ smartphone. At airports, railway stations and large squares, this small device is particularly useful for spotting small children who try to get away.

6. Provide time entirely dedicated to them

At the beach, in the wilderness or in an amusement park, your schedule should include a niche dedicated entirely to the pleasures of children. Many holidays have been wasted because parents have tried to impose their activities on children on the pretext of sharing their vision of travel and escape. Your children have a voice! From time to time, let them do an activity that is only intended for them. Depending on their ages, involve your children in choosing the day’s activity when you hesitate between activities.

7. Give them a small digital camera

There are now several models of affordable cameras that are both waterproof and shock resistant. You will have no risk to entrust it to the children who, for their part, will be happy to do like the big ones. Upon return, they will be proud to show their own pictures to your loved ones. At the same time, you can encourage them to write a newspaper, their first log book will be released, for the most connected and the biggest, from 10/12 years, why not a blog? It will be an opportunity for them to learn the joys of coding and graphics! Two playful and very useful activities!

8. To be well between each activity

The easiest way to irritate a child is to solicit him while he is tired. Arrange for breaks and ensure that the sleeping time of the younger ones is sufficient. On holiday, there is no reason not to sleep in. It is therefore not essential to sleep early, unless their eyelids are heavy.

9. Keep snacks in your bag

If at home, the time of the snack is determined, activities and visits can speed up the emergence of small cravings in children. Take advantage of digestible snacks that will not cause them any discomfort. Salty biscuits, a bar of chocolate cereal, a cake or a compote of fruit in gourd are some ideas. Always have bottled water with you. In general, children are sometimes less able than adults to feel and express their sensation of thirst. Be sure to give them bottled water, not all water is drinkable. Even when they are, some are sometimes indigestible to the younger, whose flora is sensitive.

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