A gastronomical trip in Mexico

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17 March 2017
A gastronomical trip in Mexico

Referring to Mexico means referring to the beach, sun, and other paradisiacal sights. But Mexico is not that all these things, it is also a country of rich culinary cultures. Going to Mexico is both an entertainment and a real cultural journey. Culture does not include only language or traditions of any kind. The art of cooking the different traditional dishes is an integral part of the tradition of a country. Mexico is just as rich in culinary art as other destinations in America. You have to taste Mexican cuisine before you can attest to the beauty of this country.

Tastes and flavors

Tacos, burritos or nachos, although difficult to pronounce, Mexican dishes are known all over the world. The cuisine in Mexico is so diversified that it only asks to be tamed. After having tasted it, tourists will probably ask to reiterate their culinary experiences. The blue beads of Mexico have acquired many years of practice before being able to offer such a quality cuisine. Well-prepared dishes and tasty dishes are the result of years of experience, but above all a culinary talent unique in the world. Mexicans love to cook their traditional dishes, but in cities such as Mexico City, tourists can also find restaurants that offer international dishes in Mexican colors. Break your taste buds in the Mexican palapas with famous traditional recipes.

Composition of Mexican dishes

From planting to tasting, the flavor of mexican dishes has been perfectly studied to the details. The agricultural methods used for planting are typically Mexican. Farmers practice milpa or chinampa. And up to the technique of cooking, the great Mexican chefs use various techniques to increase the flavor of food. Mention may be made, for example, of nixtamalisation, which is a method of dehulling maize seeds. Thanks to the hot water, corn cobs increase considerably in nutritional value. The most common ingredients in the menu are corn, chili and beans. They are now on display on a French-speaking trip to Mexico. Native ingredients are also added to these products. These are usually avocado, tomato, squash, vanilla and cocoa. You should also know that Mexican cuisine is full of history and symbols.

The famous Mexican dishes not to be missed

Mexican dishes are very diverse. They offer a wide choice for the most greedy. There are some delicious dishes that you should definitely try when you go to Mexico. There is for example chili con carne, delicious and spicy for those who have a weakness for spicy cooking. For more exotic flavors, guacamole is perfect. With onion or cayenne pepper, it will offer an unprecedented taste to your palates. When talking about Mexican cuisine, tortillas and stews are a must. And the pork hog Tex Mex, the empanadas of oxen and the cluchili are simply divine.

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