After Mexico, visit Madagascar and its beaches

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13 February 2016
After Mexico, visit Madagascar and its beaches

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Madagascar.
With its 4800 km of coastline, beaches abound in Madagascar. All of them are just as beautiful as the each other; some can be reached only after exercise, while others are open to all those who want sun and relaxation. Let us discover more about them.
To the east, the beaches are dedicated to family fun.
To the east of the Big Island, numerous beaches await travelers. The Foulpointe beaches are particularly popular with locals. The sea, protected by a coral reef allows young and old to swim safely. Lovers of surfing and surfing kits can head to Manambato where idyllic beaches and warm sea are a perfect combination. Off of Toamasina, the island of Sainte-Marie offers a haven for visitors seeking rest. Also on the east coast, the beaches of Sambava and Antalaha are all heavenly places to see during your trip to Madagascar.
To the west, Morondava to Tulear:
During your stay on the West Coast, go to Morondava. It has the distinction of having a beach just steps from downtown. Those wishing to escape the big cities will want to visit Belo-sur-Mer for its quiet beaches and its shipyard of traditional dhows. For its part, Tulear has beautiful white sand beaches popular with foreigners who have chosen their destination with low prices in mind
The surprising beaches of Betanty:
If you are one of those who love the scenery, the beaches of False Cape Betanty or near Fort Dauphin are surprising. The seabed was carved by the sea, forming cells into a very particular aspect. The beauty of the site touches everyone that sees it. These are not the only places where the beaches are beautiful in Madagascar. Make the trip to find out more.


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