The best lagoons in Mexico

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14 November 2016
The best lagoons in Mexico

Life in Mexico is not the only thing that encourages visitors to spend the holidays. The country is especially famous for its environment and especially for those lagoons which are part of the most beautiful in the world if they are the most beautiful. A natural richness that spoils the tourists in search of the incredible and a nature apart, these lagoons in Mexico are numerous but these are the most attractive.

The lagoon of Las Coloradas

This lagoon is quite specific because it has an unusual pink color. Unprecedented, this representation of pink water that embraces the sands of the beaches is unique. Just overwhelmed by this phenomenon, tourists move in numbers to see this place that promises a crazy show. The lagoon is concentrated in red plankton, previously indigenous people used to do fundraising and salt extraction, and this triggered this pink color, which is a natural color. For the moment, there is something to bluff the public. Several people have already done a french tour in Mexico by an agency like Paseotours and do not hesitate to return because each time the Las Coloradas is amazing. Mexico still has more astonishing phenomena. You have to see it to believe it.

The famous lagoon of Yalahua

Near the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, is the island of Holbox which licks on its coasts the famous Yalahua, the beautiful lagoon that the tourists snatch themselves in photograph. Ideal for a vacation, the place is just beautiful. The clear water that reveals the bottom of the lagoon and the fine sand that makes you want to just settle there forever awaken a great adoration among visitors who often come from other continents. The lagoon measures 73 km and groups on its sides a complex of condo Mexico. All the buildings and nature that surround this lagoon only highlight the beauty of this unique geography in the world. These two lagoons are the most beautiful in Mexico but do not spoil the magnificence of other places.

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