Camping: resident or traveler?

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25 April 2019
Camping: resident or traveler?

Camping in Mexico or elsewhere is one of the best opportunities a large family can have to spend an unforgettable holiday without spending a lot of money. The majority of people opt for European countries if others prefer those abroad, especially Japan.

Japan is one of the best known countries in Asia. Asian countries are very popular because of their cultural values, which are reflected in each region. In the field of accommodation also, campsites show and allow inhabitants and travelers to appreciate this culture. Discover in this article some activities and campsites located in Tokyo, Japan.

Camping in the beautiful capital of Japan

Japan is divided into several parts, but the capital remains the most visited. Campgrounds are very common in this area. First, let’s talk about Toshiki Camping Ground . It is a very famous campsite located in Japan, 100-0211 Tokyo, Oshima, Sashikiji. It is located in Sashijiki, in the southern part of the island. The area is very spacious and you can contemplate the beauty of nature. This is the most recommended camping especially for those who prefer to sleep in their own tents and want a lot of space. Then there is the JonanjimaSeaside Park Camping. Being also a park, we are entitled to more activity. The campsite is located at 4 Chome-2 Jomajoma, Ota City, Tokyo 143-0002, Japan. It gives access to the beach and the play area for animals, especially for dogs, is a big plus for this area. The park is also known for its barbecues

What to do in the surroundings of the region?

Japan is indeed a very prestigious country. It does not only see the culture “kawaii”, “sushi” are not the only Japanese dishes that can be enjoyed. Several sites and activities will allow you to spend one of the best stays of your life. The city of Tokyo gives the opportunity to visit its few museums. The National Museum of Culture and Science in Tokyo, for example, is located in Taito City, Tokyo 110-8718. Japanese cuisine and cuisine are very popular worldwide. That is why it is more than necessary to know the best places to taste this gastronomy. Hinokozaka is one of the best Japanese hotel restaurants in all of Tokyo. It is nestled within the “Ritz-Carlton” hotel. In one dish, he revisits at the same time a traditional and modern style: the kitchen “kaiseki”.

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