Next destination: Cancun in Mexico

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8 March 2017
Next destination: Cancun in Mexico

Cancún is a city of the federated state of Quintana Roo. It is a very famous city after Mexico City and many tourists even decide to go before attacking the other cities of Mexico. Cancún preaches this mixture of culture both purely Mexican and at the same time Western, but the fusion still succeeds in attracting people.

Cheap holidays in Cancún

Getting around for an excursion to Cancun for holidays or for tourism can have considerable advantages especially when you generally think of all the expenses to make for a good trip. Indeed, it is possible to go there with less than 1000 euros. There are these so-called all inclusive offers from travel agencies that offer group travel to reduce disbursements. Moreover, from anywhere, the plane can land directly on the square and from there travelers can reach their hostels specifically reserved for the group on public transport. All-inclusive trips are very economical and provide more entertainment and less solitude especially for those who decide to do solo tourism.

Things to see and do in Cancún

This place is above all famous for these attractions, including the Xcaret Park and the Xel-Ha Park. Afterwards, this city also presents an opportunity to know more about the history of Mexico in these Museums like the Museo Maya. And for more amazing things and sometimes unusual, one can go to see the interactive aquarium of Cancún. But for the real vacationers who come for a French-speaking trip to Mexico, there are the beaches that are among the most sublime and famous in the world. Then there is also the night life, during which people have fun as crazy with strong drinks as a specialty of the country and hot music. Apart from all these fun activities, we must not forget that Cancún is in Mexico so it is also a museum of history in life size because one can also make visits of ruin, not very far from Tulum. Then, there is this underwater museum that makes the fame of the country thanks to the astonishment that this causes among the visitors.

Cancun for the whole family

It is true that the city of Cancún is a typical holiday place that often suggests a more lively nightlife but it must be said that it is also a place for the family. There is a pleasant environment especially on these beaches which attract many families. In addition, young and old can practice water sports and try to dive into sites that are reserved for it. It is also a very pleasant place to see especially in memory in pictures. Besides all this, the decor of the city is simply dynamic and invites to a very festive and active holiday. Also, in the early evening, families can go to the city center watching mariachis animations or go to public cabarets to listen to the local music.

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