Cenote in Playa del Carmen

15 January 2016
Cenote in Playa del Carmen

Here is a “GOOD PLAN” for you to do during your stay in Playa del Carmen or in the Riviera Maya.
These days there aren’t many free activities. Most of the cenotes are on private property, access is limited, and prices range from 50-150 pesos according to how famous or popular they are.
The cenote that we are discovering is known by Mexican families that come on the weekend; but it is little known by tourists or foreigners who rarely go to this beach.
It is located in “Playa Esmeralda”, north of the city, at the last entrance to the sea, and at the end of the 5th avenue, just passing Paradisus.
This is an open cenote. Water comes out of the ground a few meters from the sea forming a natural small swimming pool, ideal for children. The small lagoon is open with salt water flowing continually.
As there is public access, it is best to go in the morning. As you can see in the pictures, there is no one and it is simply beautiful!
Avoid weekends and go in the morning when it has been cleaned (people often tend to forget the idea of throwing away trash…).
There are a few nice things in Playa del Carmen and this is one of them, plus it is free, so it is definitely worth it to stop there.

While you are there, you may even be lucky enough to see turtles trying to reach the sea.
Let us all take care of the environment by remembering that sunscreens are banned in cenotes, as well as any other waste or trash. The team at Paseo Tours wish you happy swimming and if you want to discover other beauties of nature in Yucatan, contact us!

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