Cheap Excursion-Playa del carmen

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30 October 2014
Cheap Excursion-Playa del carmen

Cheap trips to Playa del Carmen in Mexico-this is often what tourists are looking for.
From tours offered in hotels to those proposed on 5th avenue, you can find everything. Sometimes the prices range from cheap to expensive, so how do you find and make the right choice among the different agencies?

In every hotel you can find tours- classic ones that are well designed with good guides, but at very high prices. The big tour operators do not take risks and the groups are rarely less than 15 people, with hours on a bus, limited activities, places, and restaurants. Departures are often with just enough time to allow you to eat breakfast quickly, yet they often arrive at rush hour to the archaeological sites.

Cheap excursions can be found on the street-on the famous 5th Avenue. Sellers are paid percentages and they are willing to say anything for you to choose them. An excursion for €30 is good, but a good day is even better right? So a cheap tour in Mexico, how much should it cost?
If you go in a van, you will find that you will lose more than an hour and a half because it services all the hotels in the Riviera Maya, you will be without a guide during the transportation, your visit to a site will be with a guide giving his explanations in several languages, you will be eating in a impersonal buffet that is hosting a busload of vacationers that go to the same places that everyone stops at and in the souvenir shops. Is that worth it? You can see for yourself but you will know that this is what to expect.

Obviously we recommend Paseo Tours, but we wanted to explain why we can not align ourselves with these very attractive prices. You will visit Chichen Itza or Tulum but our way of working will not be the same. The conditions of transport, guides, places visited, all this has a cost, and at a time when everyone wants it “CHEAP”, soyez conscients que cela est rarement gage de qualité.

In our case, we try to offer the cheapest rates possible, and we do for most tours-cheaper than our competitors- but we also try to offer excellent service, as if you were our friends for years.

We await you in Playa del Carmen for your next visit!

An example of a cheap tour:……..

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