Cozumel : have lunch with El cielo

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6 March 2017
Cozumel : have lunch with El cielo

What to do on the island of Cozumel? Cozumel is not a paradise island surrounded by sandy beach, it is a limestone plateau that gives the peculiarity of forming a dizzy falling 500m deep at 1500m depth. Making submarine bottoms particularly interesting for bottled divers.

The water on Cozumel is translucent, of incredible clarity, with a very intense reef and fauna; The diving is one of the most beautiful in the world without a doubt.

If you come from the Mayan Riviera, you will have to go to Playa del Carmen, or you will take the ferry, there is a departure every hour, with three different companies. Count 10usd return trip approx. The crossing takes 40min.

When you get out of the ferry, you will be approached from all sides to do tricks, or rent a vehicle; You can negotiate a 4h boat ride, it costs 50usd, but you can negotiate at 30 / 35usd without difficulty.

Travel on sea with El Cielo

The boat will take you to a place of postcard, called “EL CIELO”! It is 200m from the rocky shore, there is no beach at this place, but there is a huge sandbank, forming a natural pool of a postcard blue !! At this point you have water to the waist, and the farther you go, the more you see enormous starfish in the bottom of the water.

After this first stage, they will take you to snorkel on two sites well known by divers from all over the world: PALANCAR and COLOMBIA, these are two sites with enormous reef massifs, where you can often see turtles, baracudas, Rays, and other tropical fishes … Count about 30/40 min of snorkeling on each site, with between 10 and 20m deep under your feet.

The return will then take place to the maritime terminal, just at the foot of the ferry for the return.

Cozumel is not very interesting off the seabed, it is primarily a stopover for the biggest cruise ships in the world; In season, there are always 5 or 6 docks … The small town center is very touristy and does not really have an interest.

We advise you to leave from Playa del Carmen around 11am, to arrive on the island at noon, to lunch something in the center then to leave from 1:00 to 5:00, for a return on Playa ver 7:00.

Budget for the whole day, about 55USD!

Have a nice trip!

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