Discover Mexico: a few favourites

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20 June 2017
Discover Mexico: a few favourites

Mexico is a country that contains so much wealth and culture that it is difficult to choose among its tourist sites. Some are more famous, others more striking. Visitors will not miss activity once they arrive in the country. Between large cities, beaches, mountains, or natural reserves, the stays spent in Mexico promise to be loaded with discoveries. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places to visit in Mexico.

History in all its forms

Guanajuato is one of the most emblematic cities of Mexico. The structure of this city tells of the fascinating history of a mixed and lively people. As for museums and art, there is enough to occupy his days. In the evening, the streets of this city are lively as possible with the famous callejeonades and bars full of surprise. The cities of Mexico are suitable for young people who like to sip tequila at the bar of a discotheque and to walks with folks. Before leaving the city, do not forget to take a trip to the market of the city of Oaxaca to buy memories of the unforgettable moments that we spent in Mexico.

Nature speaks for itself

Mexico is full of natural wonders. The greenery of the forests of Arareco, the splendid brilliance of the lakes of Montebello and the color of the waterfalls of Agua Azul are as disturbing as one might think they were made. The place preserves its natural aspects thanks to these divinities. On the program, a thorny and rocky nature is offered to the amateurs of excursions near Creel. Mountain bike trips provide a complete change of scenery. For those who want to enjoy a Mexican excursion in the middle of nature, it is quite possible in ecotouristic sites like the reserve of Celestun. Tourists are also invited to explore the hidden faces of Mexico by doing small tours in the caves. In the same way, the lovers of the intense sensations will certainly feast with the raftings and the canoes to the rhythm of the cascade of Tamul. There are so many interesting activities that will delight young and old.

Large and surprising beaches

In Tulum, there is a postcard decor with its transparent blue seas, fine white sand beaches and giant palms that give freshness to the atmosphere of the sunny coasts. A Mayan fortress is also on the beach. The marriage of the buildings of Teotihuacan with the coconut palms of the seaside makes all the charm of this place. In addition to being deserted, the beach of Tenacatita is also a paradise. A tongue of sand and rock separates the beach in two. Hardly accessible, this site is ideal for the adventurous. And as if it were not enough, the coast of Mexico also shelters a beautiful bay that reveals close to magnificent coral reefs. The sea turtles grazing the seabed are simply magical to see on diving. Puerto Escondido is also one of the famous beaches of Mexico where surfers from around the world meet to meet the waves, only happiness!

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