Discovering Mexico in a different way

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20 December 2016
Discovering Mexico in a different way

We often have misconceptions about Mexico. We reduce it too often to the drug cartel image and Tacos. It has enough to impress you with great sites. Think of discovering the ancient pyramids with the Mayan and Inca civilization. You will also enjoy the splendor of the sensational beaches. Mexico is truly a tourist destination that has everything to please and that has nothing to envy a trip to Venice.

Direction Tulum for a dream holiday

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If Cancun is the most famous beach, it tends to disappoint. For less frequentation and debauchery, we advise you not to go to the crowded beaches like Playa del Carmen. Instead, write in your itinerary Tulum, a small village in the south-east that has kept all its privacy. The area knows less crowds and offers you the quiet to enjoy a pleasant stay that you take so much.

Nature, a communion to exploit

In Mexico, there are not only overcrowded cities with the risk of intoxication. You can escape and find nature, especially with the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This part of the globe is full of unusual fauna and flora with its many canals. Inscribed in Unesco’s heritage list, this reserve is one of the richest for the pleasure of ornithologists, but not only. You will also have the pleasant surprise of swimming in the Cenotes, cavernous waters for a unique sensation. Mexican nature has something to whip you if you are looking for authenticity. Believe it, it’s as magical as an all-inclusive Venice trip.

Soak up the culture through Mayan sites

If you want to travel against time, you can find all the Mayan sites. They will make the happiness of the historians and the lovers of the culture in general. One of the sites not to be missed is Calakmul. It alone symbolizes all the grandeur of another era. You will discover pyramids nestled in the nature that you can climb if you have the courage. They have also become havens for monkeys. Do not be surprised if you cross a jaguar from time to time.

Other travel ideas out of Mexico?

If you want to postpone Mexico, you can opt for other destinations. Think of a trip to Venice and make your serenade in gondolas. Imagine also a romantic dinner with your companion at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. These wonderful destinations await you for a long or short stay, according to your availability and your desires.

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