Excursion to Celestun : what to visit?

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7 March 2017
Excursion to Celestun : what to visit?

Generous by its scenic beauty and its various attractive places, Mexico is ranked among the most visited countries in the world. Celestùn is one of the recommended places for a pleasant adventure.

Getting to Celestun

The city of Celestùn bordered by a sea in the colors of the skies, is located near the border of the State of Yucatan near Campeche, southwest of the Merida. Not many people now live in this city while keeping fishing as their main activity. It has two headlights. Many visitors are attracted by the nature reserve in the Parque del Flamenco Mexicano near Celestùn, which is an excellent shelter for birds. Recently, Unesco has named the whole site Ria Celestùn as its paradisiacal and fascinating landscape.

Things to do in Celestun

Celestùn is a biosphere reserve, a pure natural protected park, it counts from 1 hour 30 to 2 hours of road starting from the Merida. Tasting of various seafood dishes is a must in the restaurants near the beach, while admiring the pelicans who sting themselves in the water. During a boat trip between mangroves and clear sea, one can meet species of animals distinct like the famous flamingos, a stunning ballad. The village of Celestùn is decorated by its beaches, unfortunately there are few tourists who go there. Surprisingly, seeing more closely the pink birds is very impressive mixed with the turquoise blue color of the water. The mangrove takes the form of trees with roots coming out of the water, it contrasts with these surroundings is just beautiful to see. Also, going for a short excursion in Mexico is worth it. An admirable experience that cannot be missed. As emotions just spend a few minutes in this reserve, the landscape changes and surprises at every sight. An excursion to Celestùn is really the top of the list of places to an experience of special adventures.

The famous pink flamingos of Celestùn

For all those who are passionate about birds, Celestùn is the best place to contemplate because it is rich in different species of birds according to a credible census. There are some who are migrating from other endemics to Celestun like the flamingos that makes his celebrity. If there are many places recommended for great discovery, Celestùn will be at the top of the list certainly for its admirable flamingos. Celestùn pink flamingos are ranked among the largest and most colorful in the world. Pink flamingos are hardly visible from a distance, you have to visit and go to Ria Celestùn to be able to admire them closely by means of small boats. The flamingos come out at several in the early morning, about between 8 am and 11 am and hide to shelter themselves from the crocodiles during the day. At night they sleep and the day they feed, which explains their dominant presence during the morning. At their birth, the flamingos are white in color as snow, and it is their nutrition that diffuses this pretty pink color, they eat larvae and shrimp etc …

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