Go on a road trip in Mexico and create good memories

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13 March 2017
Go on a road trip in Mexico and create good memories

Mexico, a country with miles and a facet, endowed with an incomparable natural richness, each journey remains unique and constitutes a memorable experience. The road trip in Mexico is one of the countless ways to explore these riches in question. To do it in a group is more stimulating and fun, in other words “mucho mejor”.

For a legendary roadtrip

A roadtrip would not be a roadtrip without a vehicle. And fortunately, renting a car in Mexico is not difficult, as this is an important activity for operators, allowing tourists to move. Nevertheless, one is not forced to be connoisseurs in mechanics. You should therefore contact the rental company and discuss this with your rental agency to learn about their experience in this area. Apart from this fact, it is advisable to always refuel and as often as possible to avoid pips along the way. Always brought backup tools and preferably traveling during the day to be more safe. Why during the day? Well, for many reasons, such as visibility and especially security because there are actually some places that are not very frequentable. It is important to know that each country has its own rules and therefore its road code. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and follow local ways and ways of driving. Never ignore the signage signs as they are very significant. And finally, bringing a geo-location system or GPS facilitates the journey or a map but this requires a minimum of concentration and geographical knowledge.

Follow a pre-established itinerary

The art of improvising leads to surprises, certainly, but is not always necessarily good. It is better to have a determined circuit limiting the area like that of the Riviera Maya. Indeed, it is according to this last that the list of the things to take and to make is established. But above all it is according to the roads to be taken that one must choose the vehicle related to it. The itineraries are numerous but also customizable according to the request of each one. For 15 days, the circuit “route des Pyramides and the Chiapas” or from the Sierra to the beaches of the South Pacific, are to be done. A short concise synopsis as follows: the circuit route of the Pyramids and the Chiapas goes from Yucatan, Uxmal and La Ruta Puuc; Passing through several extraordinary and renowned places such as the archaeological site of Edzna, Palenque, the Mayan city of Bonampak and ending with the oldest of the Spanish cities of the State of Chiapas.

Souvenirs to be saved

In Mexico, people only have to make mental memories of all the places that could not be photographed. On the roads, no matter the itinerary, everything should be caught in a photo capture for memories that remain forever. With the technological advance, the photographic memories are assured. With an original background, historical monuments, stunning waterfalls, paradisiacal beaches, mountains, verdant forests, all will recall the good moments spent on the Mexican road.

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