Green travel in Mexico

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16 March 2017
Green travel in Mexico

As is well known, Mexico is a place with vast natural areas that are generally divided into two parts: the terrestrial nature which is the totality of these forests but also the heaths and greenery with the animals that live there; The marine space which is also made up of these white and golden beaches, the sea of all colors, the lagoons, but also vegetal and animal species that live under the sea and that visitors explore by diving. All this shows that Mexico is a land of nature that deserves to be protected and respected, so several tour operators are currently offering ecological travel.

Giving and receiving nature

People always have fun to believe that nature offers generously and free of charge but currently with too much exploitation of this nature, it becomes more capricious. Also, in these ecological stays, we do mainly awareness. We first discover all these beauties as natural reserves or even the seaside resorts such as Playa del Carmen or the jungle home to a thousand species of animals of which more than half would certainly be endemic in Mexico. Afterwards, it is necessary to begin to make known and to sensitize as much the other visitors as the local population which, sometimes, no longer realizes the importance of what it owns.

How do we make responsible tourism?

The Mexican states are part of the few countries that still have a natural environment intact and where the effect of human demolition has not yet been able to penetrate. And a francophone excursion to Mexico can promote more protection of the place, this is done above all by the non use of apparatus or motorized vehicle. On the one hand, cars and motorbikes are too noisy and pollute much more the air, on the other hand, one should not practice these water sports with skis or other motorized equipment. The devices used on the sea are famous for polluting water and sometimes for killing marine animals. But ecological responsibility can also be simpler, it is to choose only natural products, not to use plastic containers or at least not to throw them in the wild. And with what this mild nature offers in Mexico, we can be sure to find the best organic foods and cook them in an eco-friendly way.

Being convinced by ecology in Mexico

Wanting a responsible journey should no longer be a fashion phenomenon, it is a real commitment that everyone should take. Ecology could still sustain this rich environment. The forest, sea and oceans, animals, and even ancient structures left by ancestors, such as the temples of Tulum, can be preserved for several centuries if the nature of the soil, Air and water. Finally, there must be a limit to the access of visitors to certain places in order to protect the environment, because until now the primary cause of the degradation of nature has been human.

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