The Hidden Treasures of Mexico

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15 August 2016
The Hidden Treasures of Mexico

Mexico, known as the land of the Mayans, is a marked region of buried treasure in the heart of nature. Here are the Hidden Treasures of Mexico.

The Wonders of the Island Marieta

Lost in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Marieta Islands offer scenery that seems to be forgotten by visitors. Taking a boat from the coast of Puerto Vallarta, it is possible to reach these beautiful havens in a 1 hour trip. These formations were born from a series of volcanic activities. The islets, composed of fertile land, promote the development of varied flora and rich fauna. During their expediton underwater, divers often encounter dolphins, whales, and manta rays. This is also a protected national park. These islands were once subject to military trials and a bomb was accidentally dropped on one of them. This caused a crater where water is gradually engulfed giving rise to the wonderful beach of love, also known as the hidden beach. Indeed, this piece of paradise was long kept a secret. The only way to access this magical place is to swim during low tide through a cave.

An Expedition to the Río Secreto

Near Playa del Carmen in the Yucatan peninsula, there is a quiet stream that flows away from prying eyes. This is the Río Secreto, literally translated as the secret river. This piece of paradise is an underground water source that is now protected. Only a few lucky explorers have had the opportunity to enter the heart of this wonder. Since its discovery in 2007, tours there are limited. However, many agencies offer their services to offer adventurers new ways to navigate the caves of the site. To find great rates for the tour, it is advisable to go on a cheap travel forum to compare the prices for the trip. The trip lasts between 1:00 p.m and 1:30 a.m. It can be done with friends or family. Nature has formed this place in such a way that the walls of the underground have a particular form tending downwards, while others formations located on the ground form peaks. The craters are enhanced by lighting installations.

The Visit to the Crystal Cave Naica

During a visit to Mexico, globetrotters will have the opportunity to see the incredible Naica mine. Discovered in 1999, this cave consists of white crystals known as the Selenite gypsum and they are sometimes transparent. The crystal cave is found to be dangerous for tourists, because the humidity rate is quite high. The heat can reach up to 45 ° C and it consists of narrow hallways. However, another part of the mine is accessible for visitors. The “Cave of Swords”, the “Cave of Candles” and “Queen of the Eye cave” can be explored safely with proper equipment and a guide that is familiar with the area. In these specific areas, the size of the crystals are is less impressive, but these sites still provide a beautiful backdrop. The ideal way to discover these wonders is to go to Mexico and get a real perspective on these legendary places.

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