Historical discoveries on excursion to Mexico

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27 February 2017
Historical discoveries on excursion to Mexico

Each country is marked by the specificity of its history, Mexico is very well known by its beautiful tourist sites as well as various places of dreams that attract many visitors. In addition to this, it provides new historical knowledge.

Mexico City, the center of Mexico’s history

Surprising monuments dating back to ancient times still peak in this city. Even in the city of Mexico, populated by quite a few people, one encounters incessantly magnificent buildings dating from the colonization. The Zocalo is one of the most visited places in the world, so to begin a historical excursion to Mexico, its center is the great Mexican flag with an eagle printed on it which also has its history, a very interesting place with all these Buildings around. Then, the Metropolitana Cathedral a few steps makes the city more attractive, it took three years for its construction. This is one of the things that attracts historians and artists in Mexico City. Continuing the discovery on Moneda Street, you can see a magnificent dome of various colors, the Tempo of Santa Inés. Among the most beautiful buildings of Mexico is Palacio de Bella Artes, animated by its color, it resembles Parisian buildings. The Museo Nacional de Arte is a museum not to be missed, it collects the Mexican arts telling us the history of the country.

Archaeological finds

Archaeologists have discovered two Mayan places hidden in the forest in Yucatan. Yucatan is a place renowned for its fascinating view and incredibly perfect for a Mexico tour. It was while flying over the forest that the archaeologists were able to discover these Mayan cities because they were surrounded by thick vegetations. One of the sites gives a picture of a gaping jaw of a monster at the entrance. Several historical and archaeological works speak of the recovered details and it would be better to consult them. Lagunita, identified is symbolized by a cave entrance there was found, a beautiful place full of myth. The same search method was used for Tamchem, meaning “deep well,” buildings that lay out places and an enormous temple in the form of a pyramid.

The pyramids, a center of tourist interest

If one really wants to know the history of Mexico, it is essential to discover deep Mexico, that is to say the one with ancient civilizations. There is, for example, the Pyramid of Chichen Itza, which tourists still like to visit. If some speak of Mayan temples, the premises keep the name of Pyramids for these vestiges of time of the Mayas and Aztecs. Then, one of the most visited of the country would certainly be that of Teotihuacan, that of Kulkulcan in Chichen Itza closely follows that of the sun in the number of visitors each year. Here we speak more of temples than pyramids with the constructions in Tulum or the archaeological site El Castillo in Quintana Roo. These are the three most attractive sites apart from other places that still captivate tourists and vacationers all year round.

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