Is There Seaweed in the Riviera Maya? No More Sargassum!

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26 June 2016
Is There Seaweed in the Riviera Maya? No More Sargassum!

A question that is repeatedly asked is if there is the algae known as “Sargassum” on the Mexican coast, between Cancun and Playa del Carmen?

The question stems from the season of 2014/2015 when huge piles of brown algae called Sargassum suddenly arrived. This algae covered the beautiful white sand beaches, ruining the holidays of many vacationers. Hotel occupancy in the Riviera Maya even decreased by 10% during this period.

What about now (mid 2016)? Well, for a year now, there has been nothing. The algae has miraculously disappeared, or at least, has not returned this year. The state had had many clean beaches and a group of French and Mexican researchers met to find solutions to the problem.

No need for a special measures

There is no need for special measures now, as there is no problem with Sargassum and you can come enjoy the Caribbean sea without any problems.

Has the algae disappeared for once and for all? No one can say that it will not come back as it is a new problem due to a new era of climate change. The Sargassum develops a lot with contamination of the water, so it could come back to Mexico or any Caribbean coast. The most affected by the brown algae were the French Antilles, Martinique, and Guadalupe, that also saw algae this year. …

Hopefully our beaches will remain beautiful and we take care of our planet!

Have a good swim!


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