Leave Mexico City and go to the beaches of Acapulco

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25 July 2016
Leave Mexico City and go to the beaches of Acapulco

Mexico is positioned to the south of the United States. It is surrounded to the east by the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. To the west, the Pacific Ocean can be seen. Its reputation for tourism is not generated by its proximity to North America. It owes its popularity to the presence of Acapulco Bay. This city is a paradise for lovers of marine activities. Moreover, it contains supervised sandy beaches of Acapulco where you can enjoy the sun while sipping coconut Loco.

Entertainment in Acapulco

People go to this city to bask in the sun and seaside. They have the opportunity to have fun while going windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling, scubadiving, and jet skis. …

The beach in La Condesa is the most populated. It is located between Plaza de Marbelle and Fiesta Americana. Adrenaline seeking fanatics will be pleased to know they can go on a bungee jump from a height of 50 meters. At night you can enjoy the night-life atmosphere in the bars and nightclubs nearby.

The La Angosta attracts travelers because of the wonderful view of the sunset that it offers. You can also enjoy seafood in local restaurants. Besides water activities, they offer horse riding. In this area, you can attend a cultural performance. It is also known for being the location of La Quebrada. This is a cliff 45 meters high where divers like to jump in the water. They must consider the movement of waves in order to avoid hiting the rocks. This show attracts tourists who admire experienced divers. Looking at their prowess, you will forget that you had to park your car in the cheap parking lot of Roissy.

The Other Sights and beaches of Acapulco

On the island of La Roqueta, you can admire the natural resources of this city. It includes palm trees, lemon trees, and almond trees. On the way to the top, you will have stunning views of Acapulco Bay. You can also take a journey on a glass boat. While on the boat, you will have time to contemplate the Chapel of the Virgin of the Seas. This small sea tour will eliminate your concerns and self monitoring of how expensive it is to park your car in Roissy. Scuba diving here is widely practiced because of a local legend. It is said that the pirates have hidden their treasure on this island.

Palos Lagoon is the dwelling place of several different animal species. You will discover varieties of fish and birds. It is also home to mangroves. It is detached from the Pacific Ocean by the beach in Barra Vieja.

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