Martinique as the next destination after Mexico

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14 November 2016
Martinique as the next destination after Mexico

Author : Raphaël

This French island nestled in the middle of the Caribbean is a true paradise with its white sand beaches, surf spots, volcanoes and sublime landscapes. Overview of the best things to do, see and taste! Let’s discover Martinique, a great destination after Mexico.

GreetingsfromRaf-Martinique-Les fonds blancs-LR-LRGreetingsfromRaf-Martinique-Les fonds blancs

50cm of translucent water over miles and an idyllic setting! To do on a half-day excursion. Starting from Le François.

Beach of the Salines

GreetingsfromRaf-Martinique-Plage des Salines-LR

Postcard with white sand, coconut palms and artisanal ice cream vendors. It is one of the most famous beaches! Ideal for a picnic while enjoying a smoked chicken, one of the island’s specialties, sold in pickup trucks by the roadside.

Visiting a rummy

A cultural institution alone! Do not miss the visit of Habitation Clément.

Panoramic view of the Bay of Marin

GreetingsfromRaf-Martinique-Vue du Marin-LR

Before reaching the Marin (the main port of the island) from Sainte Luce turn on one of the first roundabouts a little before (a small sign indicates “panoramic view”). On a clear day you can see all the bay of the Marin and even the beaches at the bottom.

The gardens of Balata

GreetingsfromRaf-Martinique-Jardins de Balata-LR

A 15 minute drive to Fort-de-France a beautiful landscaped garden with suspension bridge in the trees! Count a small half day.

Tartane and the Lighthouse

GreetingsfromRaf-Martinique-Vue depuis le Phare-LR

Just behind the famous surf beaches of Tartane lies the peninsula of the Caravelle and its lighthouse. Go up for the sunset (path without difficulty and free) the panoramic view is superb. Combine with the arrow stroll that passes in the mangrove (without difficulty, about 1:30, free).

Mountain Pelee

For lovers of hiking and panoramas! If the weather is not bad getting into the Red Morne. Take suitable shoes and a k-way even if it’s beautiful because the weather changes very quickly.

Have a nice trip !

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