Mexico states for a romantic trip

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18 March 2017
Mexico states for a romantic trip

Mexico is so grand, with such a vast territory, a special and very interesting culture, a very dynamic population and a more than magnificent environmental setting. It is the ideal place for a romantic holiday. Couples like to get lost in this mass of culture and sublime landscape that they forget that they are on Earth. This sensation becomes eternal every time we think of Mexico because this country is all that is most beautiful.

Obligatory passage in the South East of Mexico

The South East of Mexico is just famous for being the land of the Mayan people. Who said that romanticism and culture could not get married? Going to these southern regions, the couple will first realize that they are almost all tourist towns. There is the state of Quintana Roo in this part of the country with this famous city of Tulum. This state is very famous to keep within it vestiges of the history of the Mayan Civilization, but also the history of the Aztecs. Then there is also the town of Campeche and Chiapas, just tourist towns that attract many travelers just for archaeological and historical discoveries. People mostly expect to see pyramids, breathtaking temples, ruins with moving stories, and many things that can satisfy everyone and awaken deep feelings.

City of Guanajuato, life in color

Not really famous, it is first of all a state, then the city of the same name carries high the emblem of Mexico. Because it is a colorful city, very lively where all the couples should pass at least once because it is ideal for a honeymoon or for a little romantic trip. Moreover, this city marks by its mixing not very far from the image of the Riviera Maya. Very lively, every evening is the party in the corner with these callejoneadas. Everyone is welcome in this city especially young couples who want to have fun and drink. It is the very place where everything is allowed, everyone can let off steam during this excursion Mexico without there being no limit. And to welcome these lovers, there are of course several types of hostels, from the most simple, to the most luxurious, at least condos nice for a couple, and that the party does not stop any more.

Mexico City for an endless love

As a large city, Mexico city is right for couples. There are luxury hotels ideal for couples, but there are also individuals who rent apartments just for those who want to spend a quiet stay in paradise. Apart from that, any activity is possible in the capital with guided tours to the museum, romantic evenings on incredible rooftop but also terraces that give an overview of the center of the capital. And nothing more romantic than the full moon seen from these roofs.

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