Motorcycle tours to conquer the treasures of Central America

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23 March 2017
Motorcycle tours to conquer the treasures of Central America

When you talk about Central America for a motorcycle trip, you’ll find breathtaking landscapes, centuries-old cultures, typical cuisine, history-filled sites and unprecedented gymkhana trails that come to mind … Explore Region of the American continent during a motorcycle trip is an experience that every rider has to experience once in his life. And among the infinity of possible routes, here are three that promise you the best sensations …

Mexico on motorcycle: natural, cultural and urban authenticity

Many adventurers begin their journey in Mesoamerica through Mexico, a thin ribbon of land between the Pacific and the Caribbean, where history and traditions survive contemporary revolutions, offering a smooth transition between the Aztec and Mayan legacies And the influence of the American neighbor, the colonial cities and the glass and steel skyscrapers, the deep jungle and the sumptuous seashores … It is the addition of all these harmonious contrasts that makes Mexico a land Giant game for biker lovers who love to vary the pleasures.

You can start your motorcycle trip to Mexico by the deserts of the north where there is a “Wild West” atmosphere as depicted in Hollywood movies. Then follow the mountain ranges and the rosary of volcanoes of the center (including Popocatépetl), before setting out to conquer the south and its paradisiacal beaches on the Caribbean side (Playa Paraiso, Playa del Carmen, Playa Delfines …) and Acapulco Bay, facing the Pacific, not to mention the Great Barrier Reef.

Motorcycle travel in Guatemala: land of adventure and freedom

For fans of big displacement, the motorcycle trip to Guatemala promises to be jubilant. Indeed, the Guatemalan territory is illustrated by a rich heritage: historical, architectural, but above all, natural treasures that can only enchant you. Beautiful landscapes between immense lakes, waterfalls, plains, mountains and active volcanoes are matched only by the authenticity of the population that has kept its folklore, its customs inherited from the original Mayan culture.

Moreover, the Mayan sites (Tikal, Uaxactún, Yaxhá, Nakum …) and their imposing buildings huddled in the heart of the rainforest remain by far the sights of lovers of road-trip moto in expedition to Guatemala, Combine pleasures of conduct in full jungle and cultural immersion. The nature reserves of Quetzal, Lake Atitlán, the waterfalls of Semuc Champey, the caves of Lanquín and Candelaria, as well as the black sand beaches (Tilapita, Tulate, Chiquistepeque, Sipacate, Monterrico …) To discover during your trip motorcycle …

Costa Rica, the pearl of Central America

Costa Rica is a new landmark destination for backpackers, enticing adventurers with a sublime and jealously preserved environmental richness, an endearing population and a gentle lifestyle that gives passers-by the desire to live there forever. Its modest size should not be relied upon, for the Costa Rican territory is endowed with abundant nature, full of life. Between volcanoes, primary forests, pristine beaches, picturesque coves, the kaleidoscope that takes shape over the landscapes conspires with luxuriant flora and exotic fauna to exalt the senses and nourish imperishable memories …

If you enjoy punctuating your motorcycle trips with relaxing breaks or water sports, the southern Caribbean coast, the magnificent Nicoya Peninsula and the part of the Pacific coastline starting at Dominical will delight you. The most adventurous will take up the challenge of a winding climb up Cerro Chirripó and the majestic volcano Poás and Irazú, before going on an expedition to Braulio Carrillo National Park.

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