Opting for a boat trip to Mexico

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10 September 2019
Opting for a boat trip to Mexico

Mexico is a country rich in traditional cultures, fauna and heritage world famous. The west coast of Mexico is the ultimate destination for those wishing to go on a diving cruise. In this country where the sun will always be the rendezvous, the trips are likely to mark you for life.

The benefits of boat trips to Mexico

To get to Mexico, many people opt for a boat trip because of their phobia of the plane or just to try a new experience. The comfort of travelers is guaranteed, and the ability to move throughout the boat is a luxury that planes do not offer.

A cruise to Mexico will allow you to discover the riches on land and under water of the country. The Sea of ​​Cortés, for example, combines the discovery of the culture of La Paz, the biodiversity of the Loreto Bay National Park and the streams of Bahia Agua Verde. Cruises in Mexico in the Sea of ​​Cortés also take you to the turquoise waters called the Aquarium of the World.

Travelers especially love watching humpback whales migrating to the California Golf Course. Most holidaymakers who opt for a boat trip also prefer to travel at night to enjoy the beauty of the touristy cities like Cancun and enjoy the evenings aboard the cruise.

The most beautiful cruises in Mexico

The best time for a cruise in the Mexican regions is between September and November: the weather is cool and the places are less crowded. The small cruise ships in Mexico explore many treasures: uninhabited islands with incredible species of wild animals, waters full of life and the most beautiful beaches of white sand.

You can sail to Bahia Magdalena to observe the gray whales, in Los Islotes to swim with the playful sea lions, on the west coast of Isla Partida to enjoy the red rocks bristling with cactus and surrounded by jade-colored waters or Bahia Agua Verde to join the Roca Solitaria, a huge white rock rising in front of ocher red cliffs.

Choose your cruise according to its itinerary and the activities on offer, there is something for everyone. And do not forget your sunglasses and sunscreen during your tourism in Mexico, the climate makes them indispensable.

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