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30 June 2015

If there are many things that we do not know about Mexico is that this destination can be quite fun to visit by bike. But before you indulge, make sure to educate yourself on such a trip.
Before choosing your bike, first think about what you will do as you will not use the same type of bike for a weekend getaway in Quebec and around the world. However, note that there are many types of bikes but it is advisable to choose one that is both solid, comfortable and simple. Many cyclo-travelers also favor the VTT or VTC for their escapades. Anyway, your bike should still be equipped with a luggage rack, a fender and provide a comfortable seat.
However, for your biking adventure in Mexico you must also make sure that you bring a repair in case of puncture, front and rear lights for your bike, a helmet and goggles to face the sun, saddlebags and some type of anti-theft gadget.
Be Prepared:
If Mexico is not among the best known destinations for travel by bicycle with its warmth and its relief, its bad roads and recklessness of its drivers, however, make it a country that offers real adventures to the most courageous who are willing to give it a try, so you’ll want to be well prepared physically but also mentally. For this, you need to train yourself well before your trip to stay in good physical condition but also to get your body used to the effort and perseverance.
If something goes wrong, then you have to take a first aid kit, sunscreen, but also well suited clothes for the climate of Mexico.
On your journey, make sure to remain vigilant because the highway code is not really on top in Mexico … Otherwise feel free to subscribe to an international insurance to cover you in case of problems or accidents.
Your Route:
Here is a sample itinerary that will take you for a few days in the south of the Yucatan Peninsula:

From the city of Chetumal, it’s a pretty easy trip of almost 45 km that takes you through sugar cane plantations to discover an ancient Mayan city before arriving at a jungle camp to spend the night.
The next day, it’s a much more difficult route of about 40 km with slopes awaiting you in the jungle. Indeed, this journey requires a lot of effort, especially on its steep sections to reach the Rio Hondo River. But in any case, this will enable you to learn more about the different species of fauna and flora of the region ..
Continue your adventure to the fishing village of Punta Herrero, located in a protected area, that offers beautiful bike rides on the sand but mostly to enjoy the sea swimming or diving.
Do not under any circumstances miss admiring the sunset on the beach before reaching the town of Mahahual along the beach to complete your adventure.

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