Prices and Cost of living…

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18 January 2014
Prices and Cost of living…


Many people during their visit to Playa del Carmen and especially during our excursions wonder how is life in Mexico? Is it expensive? How much does a certain thing cost, etc..? (Perhaps they are thinking about retiring in this city destination!)…etc. So we decided to go on a mission to the supermarket to record the prices of different items.

Below is a price comparison between France and Mexico; be aware that Playa del Carmen does not accurately represent the rest of the country. Here everything is much more expensive as this is ALL very touristy. Food, rent, and life in general is more expensive than in other states in the country.… Paradise is worth it, don’t you think?

Prices were taken in “Walmart” in Playa del Carmen and are compared to the store “Carrefour” in France, with the official exchange rate from that day in Euros.

Mexico France

Litre of oil sp98

0.68€ 1.53€

Colgate toothpaste 75ml

0.83€ 1.32€

Shampoo Head and shoulder 400ml

2.22€ 5.42€ (pour 300ml)
Dry dog pedigree 4kg

7.34€ 6.70€

Rum Bacardi 750ml

6.98€ 21.95€

Whisky JB 750ml

10.55€ 35.75€

Sirloin kg

7.92€ 25.31€

Chicken breast kg

5.52€ 14€
Packet of pasta Barilla 500gr

0.69€ 1.12€

Rice 1kg

1€ 1.09€

Sunflower oil 1lt

1.33€ 2.05€

Litre of milk

0.69 1.30€

Kilo of sugar

0.77€ 1.03€

Danette yogurt choco 4x
0.76€ 1.44€

Kilo of tomatoes

1.27€ 3.82€

Kilo of bananas

0.58€ 2.59€

Kilo of avocados

1.49€ 1.73€ a piece

Laughing Cow light 16 servings

1.62€ 2.79€

mini baby bel

1.61€ 2.42€

small camenbert Président cheese

6.68€ 1.49€

Fresh mozzarella ball

3.33€ 0.93€

nutella 650gr

3.76€ 4.01€

Coca cola 1.5l

0.99€ 1.45€

Our basket from France will € 148.12 against € 77.61 in MexicoThat is practically 50% cheaper.

So you can see that in general everything is cheaper in Mexico, but the living standard is not the same.

The minimum wage in Mexico (not the average wage) is about 120 € per month against € 1,132 in France!

In the Mayan Riviera wages are a little higher, for example a server in a small structure will gain about 350€ monthly without tipping, and a receptionist will earn about 530€ monthly.

The number of hours per week averages 43 hours against 35 hours in France.

We hope to make things a little clearer for you and to give you a glimpse of the cost of living here.

See you in Playa del Carmen.


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