Rent a boat in Mexico

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7 December 2016
Rent a boat in Mexico

Magnificent country open to both the immensity of the Pacific Ocean and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, Mexico is a preferred destination for a maritime getaway. Whether it is a monohull sailing boat, a catamaran or a prestigious motor yacht, renting a boat is synonymous with freedom. With hair in the wind along the 10,000 kilometers of coastline, discover the most beautiful natural landscapes that unveil at the whim of anchorages and get to know a rich history.

A maritime getaway under the radiant sun of Mexico

For a first getaway at sea, renting a boat in Mexico is more enjoyable on the Caribbean Sea side. Indeed, the turquoise and shallow waters of this part of the country promise to be pleasant in all circumstances. The sun is omnipresent throughout the year, although it rains a little more between June and October. The most famous area is the Yucatan with the famous Cancún, but also Playa del Carmen which is another seaside stopover bubbling. To get to know the Mayan culture, an anchorage off Tulum will reveal an archaeological ensemble in very good state of conservation. On the Pacific front, a getaway aboard a sailboat or catamaran rental is just as magical, the slightly stronger swell of the ocean can inconvenience new boaters. If you have the marine foot, do not hesitate. Heading north, the Gulf of California is a natural sanctuary for whales, dolphins, rays and many other species. Further south, Acapulco is a destination as much appreciated for its beaches as for its animated atmosphere. There are also the famous divers of the extreme who jump from cliffs of more than 30 meters. The very impressive experience to see is obviously not to reproduce.

Activities available throughout your cruise rental in Mexico

MEXIQUE-1-300x268Everywhere, scuba diving is an essential activity accessible from your boat. Wherever you are, you will be assured of finding a quiet corner where to anchor and go to discover an exceptional fauna. The crystal clear waters guarantee visibility at all levels and make the practice of snorkeling particularly enjoyable. In bottle or tuba, the experience is unforgettable. On the Marieta Islands, in the state of Nayarit, you will find a hidden beach that is accessible only at low tide. There are many dolphins and rays. In large ports such as Manzanillo, Tampico, Veracruz or Puerto Vallarta, take time to explore a rich culture of its many influences, especially Amerindian and Spanish. The visit of the historical center of your stopover is thus impossible to circumvent. Local gastronomy is also a delight to explore. The tacos accompanied by a delicious guacamole sauce are unavoidable, but there are also the different recipes of beans. Along the coasts, the cheviches are made from raw seafood marinated in lemon.

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