Rentals en Playa del Carmen

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30 October 2014
Rentals en Playa del Carmen

You are more likely to take a trip to Mexico by booking your airline tickets from one side and accommodation on the other.
The prices of “everything included” in Mayan Riviera are quite attractive, and this is often the best option if traveling as a couple for a week, ten days, or two weeks.

However if you are traveling in groups, with friends, or if you have children, all inclusive packages will not necessarily be the best choice. It would be better to purchase the flights on the side and then rent an apartment.
Whether you stay in Playa del Carmen or are visiting the other cities of the Mayan Riviera, there are a lot of beautiful homes, condominiums (apartments) that are very well positioned and fully equipped.
In Mexico, generally speaking in pieces and not in the living area; for a two-bedroom apartment, it will be between 100 and 120 square meters. The residences typically have a pool, parking, gym sometimes, accommodating between 4 and 8 people depending on the property.

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