Road trip in Mexico

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16 January 2017
Road trip in Mexico

My name is Cyril, I am the manager of the CAIRN travel agency Expe . I recently traveled to Mexico and Guatemala. I will tell you a bit about this trip and what I found exceptional in these beautiful countries during my road trip in Mexico.


From Mexico to Guatemala:

During my trip to Mexico in 2016, I began by visiting the capital. Indeed after my landing in Mexico City, I spent a little time in the city to visit the major sites such as the Zocalo, the templo Mayor and the Templo Museum in the Mayor. After this rapid acclimatization in the country, I started my road trip taking the direction of Guatemala. On the way, I stopped to visit the Aztec site of Teotihucan before spending the night in Oaxaca. The next day, I continued the road towards the Zapotec site of Monte Alban until San Cristobal. The next day we visited the syncretistic Indian church in the village of San Juan Chamula before going to visit the Mayan site of Palenque. A good night’s rest at the Hotel Quinta de Palenque before heading to Guatemala to reach the Tikal Jaguar Inn.

Stay in Guatemala:

Once you arrive in Guatemala, you will have plenty of time to visit the Tikal site in its smallest corner. Do not worry if you hear strange noises in the forest, it is the howler monkeys … For the most thirsty for thrills, you can do some activities in the canopy like Tyrolean or horse riding in the jungle . Back in Mexico, by El Ceibo I continued my Road Ttrip to Uxmal. After a night of sleep I made the visit of the site Maya of Uxmal with in particular the Pyramid of the Devin of style Puuc. After this visit, I continued my journey to the Maya site of Chichen Itza then the site of Coba where I climbed the pyramid on the Jungle.

Diving in Mexico:

After a good meal in the Tulum restaurant and a night at the Playa del Carmen hotel, I continued my adventure with a scuba dive on the coral reef in Akumal in the morning and a dive in the Cenote du Taj Mahal l ‘ afternoon. What fantastic scenery! At the end of the day, I went to visit the Mayan site of Tulum which overlooks the Ocean and enjoy a pina colada on the big beach. Here ! As all good things have an end, I arrive at the end of this raod trip. So I join Cancun and its many hotels on the beach, before embarking on my plane which will take me back to France.

What a wonderful journey!

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