We have selected products that you may find useful to bring with you:

We advise you not to get your mosquito product in France since the type of mosquito is not the same. It is also not worth buying pharmacy. They may have suitable products for the Caribbean, but not necessarily for Mexico. We are often asked. You have to buy the “Off”! Everyone uses this product here. You will find it in all local supermarkets. Otherwise you can order it now on Amazon and receive it tomorrow at home. Otherwise you can order it now on Amazon and receive it tomorrow at your house.

Organic sunscreen

We also present a range of sunscreen BIO with a high degree of protection: index 50. This means that the product blocks 50% of the ultraviolet rays. It looks huge, but it’s still weak. If you are not used to the sun and you receive the other 50% of its rays for several hours of the day at the beach, in the water or on a boat, you risk getting sunburned anyway . This is why we must renew the applications often. The ideal is not to take a protector with a clue 30 thinking that it will do. Take the 50 directly is safer. Even more if you come in the summer! You should also know that there are certain beaches, whose wildlife is protected, that do not accept non-organic sun creams. Indeed, if you put products with perfumes and parabens, they will later find themselves in the sea. This will disrupt the ecosystems of corals, fish, turtles, etc.

style = “clear: both;”> At Xcaret Park or Akumal , you’ll need to leave your chemical sunscreen on set before buying a BIO at the entrance. Both take the lead and bring a good sunscreen BIO. Here is a selection of excellent products that we recommend:

Other indispensable products

We advise you to take two more products if you plan to spend time at the beach: a mask, snorkel and possibly fins to snorkel in complete freedom and independence wherever you go. A few meters from the edge, you can already see a magnificent spectacle. We saw lobsters 15 meters from the beach in rocks less than 2 meters from the bottom. We also saw manta rays, giant turtles, seahorses, corals, schools of fish … a show that will not be missed!

Get a French-Spanish dictionary

Eventually, you’ll also need a small Spanish French dictionary and a Mexico or Yucatan guide :