Sport, health and holidays: good combination

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12 December 2016
Sport, health and holidays: good combination

Holidays are not always synonymous with laziness. After a year of hard work, it is also possible to recharge by doing other activities than to hide under the sun all day. Doing sports during the holidays can improve health for the next twelve months that will follow.

Combining sports and vacations in Mexico

To have good health, to appeal a doctor is not the only alternative. You can also maintain it by doing sports or other physical activities. Many activities are feasible during an excursion to the Riviera Maya. The most practiced of them is the diving, the fauna there is very present. A wide variety of aquatic animals can be seen on the Caribbean Sea. You can also go climbing in the mountains or strolling through the Mexican jungle. You can search Mexico forums to find guides that know the region’s forests. On the Pacific coast you can surf. The waves on this side of the country are in the best conditions to practice this water sport.

Natural health for your holiday in Mexico

Other curative procedures can be practiced in lower California. Consumption of maize as a staple of ancient civilizations is medicinal. It is the essential element that makes the skin of the Mexicans soft. By grilling it directly on the fire, it can also cure diseases like diarrhea. Preparing as a liquid, the Aztecs consumed cocoa as a natural energy drink without side effects. Hibiscus leaves are used to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. They prepare their teas with epazote to calm the stomach aches and stop the vomiting. Tamarindo or tamarind in French has the power to purify blood. In the case of a serious injury, when the hospitals did not yet exist, the Mayans used plants called manzanilla as a natural general sedative and to reduce fevers. Most of the current Mexican population still practice these healing techniques….

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