Making a stay in Sian Ka’an : the journey of a lifetime

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9 March 2017
Making a stay in Sian Ka’an : the journey of a lifetime

“Where heaven is born,” is a very poetic invitation for an unforgettable journey to the Sian ka’an, which is the very meaning of this name. Wherever you are, we are always looking for exceptional places to stay for relaxation and discovery. This Mexico destination is one of the best that allow tourists to be in close contact with Mother Nature. This site gives us the opportunity to observe wild animals in their natural habitats.

The Sian Ka’an reserve is where?

It is a protected biosphere reserve in Mexico. It was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1987. Its 400,000 hectares of forests and wetlands are veritable places of contrast between the verdure of lush forests and the turquoise blue of the Caribbean seas. In wildlife terms, this nature reserve is the habitat of many emblematic mammals such as puma, jaguar or ocelot. Colonies of migratory birds of lakes and lagoons spice up the discovery. From a distance, the Sian ka’an biosphere reserve is home to small islands called “petenes” in Maya that emerge from the marshes. The freshwater chasms known as cenotes are linked together to form a unique ecosystem. A visit to this reserve is the story of a magical day under the Mexican sun. A stay in Sian Ka’an is even a must for tourists in search of discovery.

Sian Ka’an tells the story of the Mayans

This reserve is not only the natural refuge of unique fauna and flora, it is also a jewel in the history of the ancient Mayan civilization. These people were the natives of the region at the time. They used to live in separate cities but their culture was unique. The Maya lived by offering and human sacrifices. And these sacred places today constitute a real treasure buried deep within Mexico. In Sian Ka’an there are vestiges of an ancient Mayan city that dates back more than 350 years before Jesus Christ. The structure of this ruin is impressive with its pyramid of 17 meters in height. It appears that it was in this place that the oldest Mayan artefacts of the city of Yucatan were found. The landscape of Sian ka’an reflects very well the fascinating history of this ancient civilization.

Navigating the waters of an incomparable landscape

Visits to Sian ka’an are characterized by ballads aboard small ships over the once sacred lakes. Between mangroves and lagoons, visitors can sneak at full speed into sparkling water channels. Walking beneath a parade of rare birds from the Sian Ka’an Reserve is truly an unexpected dream. The water of the lakes is just perfect with its brilliant reflection, its crystalline color and its freshness. You really feel at ease in this tropical and exotic atmosphere. Navigation can continue to land in the Caribbean waters for visitors who want to explore even more the heavenly corners of the reserve. Discovering the seabed or hovering over the coral reefs of the Pacific are on the program for a beautiful day of discovery in Sian Ka’an.

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