Staying fit on a trip to Mexico

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19 February 2019
Staying fit on a trip to Mexico

The average vacationer to Mexico will come back home 3-5 pounds heavier than when they left. This is because of the unhealthy lifestyle that people take when on holiday: sitting by the pool, drinking more alcohol and eating more than normal. All is not lost, however, as it is possible to remain sensible while traveling and come back home in even better shape than when you left for Mexico.

Keep the Blood Flowing

Remaining active while in a new location can be a daunting task, because finding a gym for a short period can be challenging. Instead of trying to replicate your routine back home, adjust into the local culture and do different kinds of activities to keep fit. Instead of a run, take a hike. If you normally swim at home, try diving or surfing. It is through activity that you keep your blood flowing and your mind energized, allowing you to make the most of your trip.

Eating Delicious Food in Moderation

One perk of traveling to Mexico is getting to try new foods, local delicacies, and testing your tolerance for spicy food. Natural food in Mexico is very healthy as much of it is locally produced, but when we are traveling, we sometimes go for what is familiar or tastes good instead of what is actually healthy. Eating the same food the locals eat and not the hotel buffet or McDonald’s will help you save a few pounds by the end of your trip and you will be much happier having had street tacos with fresh cilantro and pico de gallo instead of a Big Mac.

No matter where you’re traveling, sometimes eating local foods that our bodies aren’t used to can lead to stomach pains, but this is normal. To avoid toxic foods and eat as healthily as you can in Mexico, try to pick local spots that advertise fresh ingredients. Bringing medication with you in case you accidentally eat something that disagrees with you is one solution. Avoiding toxic substances when you travel is easy if you use common sense, like watching out for lower quality ingredients and being aware of the amount of people eating at an establishment.

Limit Alcohol & You Will Be More Motivated

Motivation to exercise is usually lower on holiday because you want to spend your time relaxing away from it all. Alcohol not only has many calories and sugar, but it also creates hangovers, making you less inclined to remain active. Limiting your alcohol intake will make your trip less of a pain and more of a gain.

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