Staying homestay with Location-Francophone

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14 November 2016
Staying homestay with Location-Francophone

The desire to explore new horizons is growing, especially when you are a travel enthusiast. But exploring the five continents and the cultural, historical and natural richness they host requires a minimum of preparation, including travel budget, travel program and accommodation especially a homestay.

How to prepare your trip well?

Before embarking on the adventure, the first step is of course to learn about all the important elements concerning the destination of your choice. Even if the adventure also means having surprises, it is better to make sure that these remain beautiful. Therefore, inquire about the ideal season, the mode of locomotion, the local currency and the exchange rate, etc.

The activities (hiking, trekking, climbing, etc.) will be determined according to your level and the experiences you wish to live. So you can easily make an unforgettable trek in the Grand Canyon in the United States, in Riviera Maya in Mexico, enjoy an unforgettable hike amidst the chaotic landscapes of Iceland, or sail along the carved coastline of Dalmatia.

Choose your accommodation

Once the destination is found and the activities carefully selected, all you have to do is find your future home. Of course, hotels are often numerous in regions with a high tourist concentration, but here again everything will depend on your budget and the style of adventure you wish to live.

The choice of a house for rent by particular remains indeed a very interesting alternative, especially for the small budgets and those who seek a more warm atmosphere during their stay. Moreover, by using specialized sites such as Location-francophone, you will realize that the accommodations proposed for rent by french individuals are legion.

Nature lovers can opt to rent a chalet in the Southern Alps or rent a camping-car. Those who appreciate a more convivial and family atmosphere can quickly set their choice on a bed and breakfast or a cottage by the sea.

The steps to follow before renting a home

Before stopping your choice on a tourist home, take the time to review the conditions imposed by its owner and look into some details. On Location francophone, you can already have an overview of the habitat which must imperatively be furnished and respect the norms in force on the sanitary level. In addition, if you choose a bed and breakfast, please include a room for sanitary facilities, a kitchen and an airy bedroom.

Direct contact with the owner is also necessary. Because, in addition to the administrative documents to be provided on both sides, the dialogue will allow you to get an idea of ​​the owners, but possibly to negotiate the rental price, which by the way, must respect the amount generally practiced in the municipality.

These few steps will allow you to reach your future place of life in complete tranquility, but also to enjoy your stay in a friendly atmosphere!


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