Sunny holidays: After Mexico, Reunion

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16 May 2016
Sunny holidays: After Mexico, Reunion

Reunion is a small island in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, in the Mascarene Islands, 700 km from Madagascar. As a tourist destination, Reunion Island offers a diversity of landscape and rich biodiversity, a wonderful meeting place for travelers and it’s very possible if you book your vacations early for a better sunny holidays.

A nature-rich island for your sunny holidays

Jewels of the island of Reunion, such as circuses, walls and peaks saw their inclusion on the list of natural World Heritage properties and were approved on 1 August 2010 by the UNESCO Committee. This is a deserved and justified recognition for this European island in the Indian Ocean. A unique territory where the mountain merges with the sea, where the rugged landscape offers magnificent landscapes, and where 30% of the area has remained untouched since its discovery, the island of Reunion has confirmed its status as a destination with exceptional natural wealth. Indeed, the location has a diversity of landscape, ranging from lagoons to the ridges and we must not forget, the volcanic environment, making it an island with many facets. Similarly, the flora and fauna of the island is abundant and offers visitors the possibility to discover rare marine species and learn about marine wealth.

The different landscapes and island activities

In addition to activities related to the sea, the coast of Reunion also proposes to discover unique landscapes. North of the island, spaces have been specially equipped to accommodate tourists for family activities such as hiking or sports. In the south, the main activity can be a picnic with the family without forgetting the impressive view of the famous blowers Island. In the East, the setting is mostly volcanic and offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the different volcanoes on the island. Also, hikes are regularly organized for tourists. In the West, you can discover rich nature with almost 22 km of lagoon, as well as experience the presence of a marine nature reserve, which boasts of a variety of marine species.

The beaches:

When we talk of a stay in Reunion, it is almost impossible not to mention the beautiful beaches of the island where you can enjoy the sun and sea in a heavenly setting. Several locations are preferred for swimming, namely Boucant Canoeing and that of the Black Rock. Other activities such as surfing, skiing, diving, sailing, and kite surfing are also available near the coast.

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