temazcal-know a little more

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15 January 2014
temazcal-know a little more

For the new year, during the winter time, who has not yet made good resolutions for the body and who may be seeking some heat ????? If you’ve found the Temazcal, this is what you need.

The Temazcal helps to release toxins through sweat, cleanses the skin, stimulates the organs due to the increase in temperature and heart rate, it relieves pain, relaxes muscles, helps balance metabolism, strengthens our health and our energy.…

In short it opens the heart naturally leading us to heal our bodies and our relationships. It relaxes the mind and frees us from stress.

This is an activity rarely requested for by the French on the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, as it is still not well known.…

If you are looking for a more authentic trip and away from the beaten paths and want to get to know this part of the Mayan culture, this ceremony is for you!

The Temazcal is a pre-Hispanic tradition, which can be found in all the Americas in different forms. Here in Mexico, and in the Mayan culture, it is a kind of stone hut, igloo-shaped, where we will bring incandescent volcanic stones at each stage (or “door”). There may be more than 50 stones depending on the duration and intensity that is desired; it goes without saying that the more hot stones, the more intense the heat will be. As the body reaches its limit, the mind is free.

The hot stones are sprinkled with water in which there are some medicinal plants that have many beneficial properties for the body.

At sunset, before entering the Temazcal, there’s the fire ceremony leader, or “temazcalero” (Sort of shaman fire man) that asks to different elements for permission to conduct the ceremony.

Once inside, the temazcalero will repeat chants, and we will sing and we will talk about all this in total darkness, with the heat and when you leave it will be dark. You will feel relaxed, freed from the ills of the body and spirit and fully pacified. For an even more intense relaxation, we can go into the water in the cenote when the body is still warm. Following this experience, we will eat some fruit, and drink the local drink made from hibiscus flower before a good night’s sleep.…

This tour is from Playa del Carmen or Tulum,, and can last for about 3 hours, from 5 to 8 p.m. The ceremony is given in the Mayan language and Spanish, but our guide speaksFrench and is specialized in these energy techniques that will provide you the sense of it all. For those who have done or will do our day “Tierra maya”you will see a glimpse of the Temazcal Mayan community, just to give you an idea of what it is.

For more information, look on our website for: Temazcal Evening

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