The disadvantages of a group trip

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23 July 2016
The disadvantages of a group trip

Among the disadvantages of group trip, schedules and fixed dates should be taken into account. This constraint does not always please all travelers. The date of departure and return and schedules are established in advance by the agency and you will have to comply with them. Similarly, the schedule is fixed. Tours and different courses are presented in advance and the chance to have some flexibility are slim. Generally, this kind of thing on trips for team building seminars is a fairly standard formula. All participants rarely share the same interests and the agency must meet the group at the expense of individual desires. Thus visits are often limited to the most touristic places and the best known destinations. With such a program, people who want to better understand the culture of the country or go to meet the people can be a little frustrated.

everything is organized by the agency

Do not exepect to follow your own rhythm and program breaks between visits. The tone is set immediately by the agency and the route is respected and sometimes the visits are sped up so as to not be delayed or to be able to include a maximum of activities in the limited amount of time available.

You should also be careful, because the health insurance & reimbursement is not always included in this type of offer. You should be well informed in advance and take the necessary steps to avoid disappointment.

Going on group trip is an interesting alternative for meeting new people, to get away cheaply, and not waste time organizing you stay. One con is that active vacationers that are above all seeking adventure, authenticity, and contact with the local population are likely to be disappointed by this plan. What you can do is see if there is an offer tailored to your profile. However, even if a group trip is more reassuring, it remains essential to be covered in case of problems. Discover ACS on everything you need to know about travel insurance.

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