The essentials of San Cristobal in Mexico

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14 May 2019
The essentials of San Cristobal in Mexico

San Cristobal is the cultural capital of Chiapas. Located at a height of 2,200 meters, it is considered one of the most beautiful colonial cities in all of Mexico.

Tourist and entertainment sites

You have never been to San Cristobal without having visited the main square called Zocalo. It stands out especially through its cathedral with an ocher facade. The textile center of the Maya world is also among the must-see in this area. Home to two museums, the “Altos de Chiapas” and the Textile Museum of the Mayan World, this monument aims to promote the know-how of this ethnic group. Examples of these material heritages are presented in this center. We can also mention the church of Guadaloupe having been built in 1835 and can be located on a hill. After a guided tour of this building, enjoy a panoramic view of the entire capital.

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The visits will be even more animated if you opt for the tasting of Pox being an alcoholic beverage having a significant value for the civilization of the Mayas. This is often used for ceremonial or medicinal purposes. Then, a trip to the Church of Santo Domingo would also be advantageous. It highlights the beauty of Baroque architecture in Chiapas. Its richly ornamented façade enhances Mexican colonial art. There is also Na Bolom, or “house of the jaguar” which is a museum presenting varieties of objects and clothes of the Lacandons. Having been founded by a couple of archaeologists and anthropologists, this association aims above all to protect the indigenous community and its heritage. Do not forget to visit the markets of San Cristobal where you can buy various local Mexican products such as sweets, textiles, embroidery, jewelry, basketwork, fruits and vegetables, etc.

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