The most beautiful tourist destinations in 2016

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27 January 2016

All countries of the world are on their way to being excellent destinations
for trips. They each offer their own type of discovery and mystery.
Some seduce their visitors with their beach, climate, unspoilt nature or
and even the variety of flora and fauna. While others attract
and also their variety of flora and fauna. While others attract
due to their great history. Over the years, the touristic places that have been “in vogue”
have changed and 2016 is no exception to the rule. And here is the proof, a
small exhaustive list that will certainly inspire seasoned
First, there are the Romanian historical castles that fascinate
as well as the history, art galleries, stories, legends,
and the countless ski resorts. Then, Iceland with its landscapes,
volcanoes, large areas and glaciers, to delight the
adventurers at heart. Afterwards, there is Cuba that seduces with its valley
Viñales, deserted beaches and its routes that include
famous cigar without forgetting the special tastes of Cuban cuisine.
Then Italy with its vineyards and its cuisine, a
real authentic place that is rich in discoveries. Finally, there is
New Zealand and its coves, idyllic beaches, vineyards and
its diving spots and surf.
Mexico and India: the best of 2016
Of all the destinations on this list, two of them stand out a
lot, namely, Mexico and India. Each has all the advantages
necessary to meet the expectations of every visitor.
Mexico welcomes thousands of visitors every year from
across the globe. Because it has many destinations
of interest. Among the best sites are, Chichen Itza, Palenque,
Teotihuacán, and Monte Alban, vestiges of exemplary civilizations
that are unanimously popular. These historical places
are rendezvous points for budding archaeologists
who take customized trips .In addition to these sites, the
Mexico also seduces with its resorts and paradisaical
For its part, India is known for its prestigious palace. When it comes to amazing
places, regions to visit abound. For starters, there’s
the capital Delhi with its historical monuments and museums. Then, Agra
home to the famous Taj Mahal, a mausoleum whose beauty could
cause jealousy for most modern buildings. Then, Udaipur,
a city built in 1559 by Maharaja Udai Singh II. There,
Tourists find the Lake Palace (Lake Palace) and the City Palace,
one of the huge palaces of the entire Rajasthan.


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