The roof top in Mexico

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27 January 2017
The roof top in Mexico

Traveling is a real delight both for the body and the mind. Indeed, all the attractions of a journey go in the direction of beauty and well being for everyone. Of course, destination is the cornerstone of this success in any case. The more specific the destination and the more specific the interests of innovation, the more popular it is. In this context, one of the innovations in travel is the rooftop which tends to gain more and more place in the heart of the trainers. Obviously, to really enjoy all the attractions and beauty of this practice, it will be important to understand its essence. So why don’t you try all the roof top in Mexico during your stay?

What is a roof top?

To celebrate is already a good thing, but it is all the better when the whole environment lends itself to the game. At the level of the festival and to enhance the pleasure that feels during the holidays, to take the height is become very fashionable. This is, by the way, the top trend for afterworks is, today’s roof top. In addition, these locations are suitable for any type of situation. Whether for parties, dinners with friends or for friends, the possibilities are almost endless. For a bit of history, the first rooftop was born in New York many years ago. At the beginning, only a few areas interacted with this new concept when today we will see swimming pools, department stores, bars, restaurants and various events. Having only the sky above its head actually offers a new sensation and redefines the very concept of outdoor fun. In almost all major cities, this type of service will be available in the simplest way. In addition, rooftops are always very well located which will give everyone an excellent opportunity to enjoy a perfect view of the whole city.

Rooftops in Mexico

With the roof top guide, you can easily enjoy all the possibilities in Mexico. Yes, this country also has many opportunities in this context and will offer everyone unprecedented pleasure. Above all, there is Bar Miralto which already has a name that is more than evocative. Indeed, Mira means look and alto means to say up. The Condesa DF, meanwhile, is a bar-spa located above a wonderful boutique hotel in Condesa. For those who want to dine with beauty, the Bellini will be the best alternative. Noting that this restaurant is the world’s largest revolving restaurant too. Of course, to relax, there is also the neighborhood bar and Balmori or Casa de Las Sirenas.

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