The top three best places in Mexico

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23 March 2016
The top three best places in Mexico

Is traveling and discovery of interest to you? Do you need a Mexican getaway to discover the exotic colors? Mexico is a good choice! But your journey will not be successful if you do not go to these few best places in Mexico.

The city of Guanajuato and its beautiful colors

Located north of Mexico City, Guanajuato is an icon of independence and is known for its blend of colors. It is a valley in which lives a large proportion of the population. Most of the colored houses reflect the activity of the unbridled locals and very atypical local traditions. You’d be amazed at the local culinary specialties: raw recipes that have made the great gourmet restaurants menu. A feast of taste and relaxation will put you in a great mood.

The rich and generous nature of mexico

The reserve of Sian Ka’an is the pride of the country. This is a protected reserve and is highly representative of the natural wealth of Mexico. It is full of flora and very wild and very endemic fauna. The visit is also by boat, through long channels to discover this biodiversity with a local guide , who can tell you their stories.

One of the best places in Mexico to swim

A tropical journey is not without swimming. In Mexico, the attraction will always be the beautiful paradise beaches that are continually attracting a large number of vacationers. You will discover the most beautiful beaches in the world and the famous Caribbean Sea. Apart from these beaches, you can also find large windows. There are over twenty. Tulum or Tenacatita offer panoramic ocean views to the crystal color and these ruins are home to thousands of stories. The Mayan people actually left a legacy of magnificent archaeological sites and ancient architecture.

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