Travel without insurance and take big risks…

16 August 2015
Travel without insurance and take big risks…

Whether you are in your country or anywhere in the world, no one is immune from an accident, a car, a fall in hotel… regardless, it is generally stupid and it can ruin your vacation and enjoy more, if you do not take the necessary precautions.

In European countries, we are fortunate to have a rather exceptional health coverage, and almost free, no matter which hospital you go to. The doctors will look after you because you are affiliated with a social security number; most of the time we are also covered by mutual health insurance and a multitude of them between those of vehicles,house, and bank card…

All countries do not have the same operation and rules in regards to health. This is ,for example, the case in the United States or here in Mexico. Health is not accessible to all; it is a business and it is something that one must have in mind before you go on holiday.

In these countries medicine costs a lot! Imagine if you were to get something serious or not, when the ambulance picks you up and drops you at the reception of the hospital, the first thing they will ask for is your credit card! This is a shocker the first time, but here, if you have no money, you have no care.

How can this happen if your account is empty?How can you not advance the sum and leave a deposit if you do not go with insurance ??? Well…you will remain sitting at home looking for a solution but you will not be treated. The second solution is to go to a clinic or public hospital where the care is not very expensive but unfortunately you will not have the best surgeons and doctors.

To give you an example and to talk numbers, going to the hospital for a twisted ankle as a tourist, you could end up paying around 2500 usd.If it turns out that this is a fracture and that it needs to be operated, you will be asked again to leave about 2500usd to 5000usd in total.

If you have no travelers insuranceYou must be able to pay the bill. You will not be able to return and you will not be allowed to take the plane to get care in your country if your case is severe. In fact, a doctor must sign a release allowing you to fly, and they will obviously not want to if there is a risk to your health.

The invoice can be very high in these countries where hospitals are paid. In just a few days you may have to pay around 30.000 usd for a broken leg.

Both that in addition to a health problem to manage, you will have more than just a problem of money!

While traveling in Mexico, you are naturally provided with “public liability” from your country of origin, or with insurance that will cover you with Paseo Tours for your care of up to 300,000 pesos (approx. € 18,000), but in either case, be aware that you must advance the costs with YOUR money in case you have not taken any additional insurance from your tour operator, with your Visa Premier or another….

If you travel abroad, the best solution is probably to get a good visa, which will ensure you for a large amount, up to repatriation and no upfront payment.

All this is to explain that it is very important to make sure to solve a health problem abroad, especially in a country where medicine is not free. We do not work for an insurance company, but we recently had the case of a person who broke his ankle and it is extremely important to travel as serenely relaxed as possible.

Now that you are informed, you can make the right decision.

Have a great vacation!!
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