Traveling with a baby? List of essentials things to put in your cabin luggage

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14 September 2018
Traveling with a baby? List of essentials things to put in your cabin luggage

Ideally, you want to minimize your hand luggage when you come to the Riviera Maya with your baby, so as not to have too much to wear and respect the constraints of size and weight imposed by the airlines. Unfortunately, you will not have access to your main baggage during the flight as they will be in the hold. We must optimize and forget anything important to the risk that the ten hour flight becomes a nightmare.

Essential equipment to put in your cabin baggage

We have prepared a small list of essentials to have in your cabin baggage:

  • Travel documents for each member.
  • Multiple spares for your baby.
  • Bottles.
  • Diapers – enough for the flight and to cover you in case of loss of your main baggage, which happens more often than you think.
  • Wipes, diaper cream and hand sanitizer gel.
  • Food or baby snacks.
  • Water if your baby drinks a particular water (low mineralization), there will not necessarily be all the marks on board.
  • ZIP bags of different sizes for wet business or in case of accidents (vomiting …)
  • First aid and baby’s medications.
  • His toy and his favorite blanket to keep his markers.Special note on infant formula and breast milk. It is preferable (and easier) to bring powder preparation and to request hot water for the crew to mix. You should know that breast milk is accepted on board, even more than 100ml. Also, I personally emphasize the importance of entertaining your baby / child during the flight. This will save you a lot of grief and glare from other travelers.
    Do not bring too much business. Once you’ve reached your destination on the Riviera Maya, you’ll be able to call MyBabyTraveler, a company that offers baby items for rent : Strollers, car seats, tricycles, toys, beds … They have a wide range of clean and quality products and deliver directly to your hotel or vacation rental, and this everywhere on the Riviera Maya: Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Adventures …
    Good flight! :)

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