Trip to Mexico: the 3 good reasons to go

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20 February 2017
Trip to Mexico: the 3 good reasons to go

Mexico is the link between North America and Latin America. It is a very rich country in the past with the passage of many civilizations. The latter have left several historical and archaeological remains. It is also a very cosmopolitan country which boils of diversity both cultural and also in terms of exceptional landscapes. The big cities and some seaside resorts are animated by music, arts and festivals. While the rest of the country testifies to the colonial era, as well as the traces of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Then discover its picturesque towns and seaside towns, as well as its famous archaeological sites during your stay in Mexico.

Staying in Mexico to discover the Mayan civilization

Mexico is a country rich in historical sites, vestiges left among others by the famous Maya civilization. The discovery of these sites is also one of the main reasons for trip to Mexico. Several archaeological sites testify to the life of this very advanced people in astronomy, art and writing. The most famous is undoubtedly the ancient city Chichén Itzá.

Located in the Yucatán peninsula, it is on all the tourist routes of Mexico. Moreover, since 2007, it has been voted as one of the seven new wonders of the world. The pyramids and ancient temples sitting there are majestic architectural works. The vast majority of the buildings on this site are impressive and sometimes leave the visitors speechless.

Visit the beautiful Mexican colonial cities

Mexico is full of colonial cities, each of which has its own specificity. For example, in the Yucatán peninsula, the city of Merida definitely deserves a detour. It has many colonial buildings as well as several museums, churches and art galleries. One of the ways to discover the city differently is to do it in a horse-drawn carriage. But you can also do it on foot during a short walk by pacing its streets and alleys.

The city of San Miguel de Allende also attracts many visitors during their stay in Mexico. The cobbled streets are lined with buildings with colonial architecture, baroque and neo-classical styles. The churches and museums of the city are also places to discover. Moreover, outside the city, you can relax in the natural thermal pools.

Enjoy the famous seaside resorts of the country during your trip to Mexico

Holidays in Mexico also mean beaches and relaxation. Moreover, Mexico has several seaside resorts, whether along the Pacific coast or on the Caribbean. Following the example of Acapulco which is one of the famous Mexican resorts of world renown.

Situated on the Pacific coast, in the state of Guerrero, it boasts magnificent beaches, with a splendid view of the sunset. But the most attractive spectacle is the jump of some divers from a high cliff of about forty meters. On the other hand, it is also a very busy port city. Its beaches are lined with hotels, bars, restaurants and discos to celebrate. However, it is also a destination that lends itself perfectly to idleness.

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