We also propose to leave you more “of freedom” organizing outings yourself or by offering tours OUR privé.- You can choose to go on group of 4 people (family, friends, couples…etc.) into a new air conditioned vehicle with our French speaking guide who will accompany you on each of the sites you visit. Visit at your own pace in the best conditions.
This service will cost still cheaper than a group tour offered in your hotel. The price is 20 euros VIP or 25usd more per person to the price group.

Ask us for a quote.
Groups and circuits
For groups of applications from 10 people we can offer private tours, personalized tours or weekends, or any other type of event.

Our references:
- Excursions to the Group of Firemen of Orleans (46 people)
- Excursions to the OVS Group “We Go Out” (25 people)
- Circuit of 6 days for the diving ASPTT group (14 people)
- Excursions for CE Carrefour group (50 people)
- Personalized Tours of 5 days for the company CGI (30 people)

-Mariages (50 people)

-Group At any time (50 persons)

Thank you to directly send us an email with your specifications to: [email protected]