Paseotours is a young agency tour in Playa del Carmen founded by Céline and Dimitri two young French settled in Mexico for several years. We only work via the Internet and do not have a shop in Playa del Carmen. We made known by the name “Muuch Xiimbal Tours” and recently we have become “PASEOTOURS”.
Our Goal is to offer you different excursions, combining the best (Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza Sian Ka’an …) and most typical places. All tours are designed and manufactured by us for the day your program is synonymous with culture, discovery and pleasure.

Our concept : An intelligent tourism, reponsable nature-based and open to all with groups of 12 people maximum. We choose the communities we work with, our guides are certified and working with us since our inception (David, Anne Sophie, José). We also made the choice not offer any motorized activity (jet ski, quad …) or parks to dolphins. All the animals you will see on our tours are in their natural environment.


With about a dozen communities and other structures we have decided to move forward by choosing an intelligent tourism and responsable.Dans each of our trips, we try to highlight the work of a community. .All our places of business and the restaurants that we offer are carefully selected to help local people live better, when possible well sur.Nous still favor the most typical places and human scale at our excursions.

Ecotourism, intelligent and responsible tourism

To better understand this project, we propose to familiarize yourself with the term ecotourism’ and thus understand the logic:

Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that contributes to environmental protection and well-being of local people

Again this is why voluntarily, we would not propose any parks to dolphins or any motorized activity on our tours.
You will find elsewhere in Part “blog” of our website the article we wrote about it.