Whale Sharks in Mexico

21 May 2014

The the whale sharks visit off the coast of Cancun. The first departure is scheduled on a weekend,when the Mexican Authorities have given their agreement to the start of this particular activity. Every year, this strange animal arrives from June to the beginning of September, during which we can approach them.…
For those who do not know about this strange animal, the whale shark (Rhincodon Typus) is the largest fish in the world. It is undoubtedly the most spectacular sea creature and both the least known of the planet. It can measure up to 18 meters and weigh 34 tons. Despite its large size we do not have a lot of data on this animal.
It is defined as a migrating animal, although his geographical movements are not yet well defined. Whale shark babies come out of the egg inside the mother, bringing them into the living world.

To be a filter feeder fish, the whale shark is entirely dependent on the good quality of its habitat. Changes could affect the conservation of the species. It is therefore essential that we take care of our oceans and that we do not put sunscreen before going in the water.

The characteristics of the whale shark, its slow development, such as late maturity, size and longevity, convert it into a fragile species. In Mexico, since March 6, 2002, the whale shark is registered in the list of endangered species.

If you participate in this excursion that is a little different from the others, you will need to follow some guidelines like:
-Do Not touch the animal
-Do Not put sunscreen on before swimming
-Wet suit or a life-vest
-Stay at least 3 meters away

You can participate in this experiment until early September. If you know how to swim, there is no risk as this animal does not eat humans!! See you soon!

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