Where to settle in Mexico?

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16 May 2016
Where to settle in Mexico?

The Mexican landscape is experiencing a great diversity both in the relief and in the fauna and flora. Each landscape is different, as is the excitement of the people and the lifestyle. With its sunny weather and its perfect beaches, a pleasant French tour allows you to be spoiled with plenty of choices as to which cities to visit and to settle in Mexico.

Todos Santos-a quiet and peaceful area to settle in Mexico

This destination owes its popularity to its quiet pace of life, the numerous eco-tourism spots, and water sports. Tourists will discover the splendor of the bohemian and cultural side of Baja California in the different cities of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. For those looking for relationships, this part of Mexico is full of tourists all year round. If you want to live in a place with an atmosphere of a small village close to both the beach and near urban areas, Todos Santos is ideal. It is a town of 200,000 inhabitants and has become an expatriates meeting point, where a fascinating conglomeration of different cultures live in harmony in everyday life. Its landscape consists of pristine beaches. You can expect a quiet lifestyle with cheap medical care that is highly professional and a place with friendly residents.

Los Cabos-For business

This destination consists of the cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Is is heavily under the influence of American culture, because it is part of the Baja California Sur. If not for the beauty of its natural landscape and its warm inhabitants, it could be mistaken for a seaside resort in the United States. The beachfront properties increased from expensive to virtually inaccessible in the US market. Properties located in Los Cabos are the most popular in the US housing market for their price and quality. For those who want to live modestly without the tourist bustle, this is the perfect destination. Moreover, there are alternatives that have more land ideal for building green homes. The whole peninsula is covered by communication channels that allow great mobility. This will be open to all existing markets.

Colonial and Resort City

For a a pleasant French tour , the cities of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit offer a landscape that is both colonial and modern. In Puerto Vallarta, the city does not even reach the number of population of 350,000 inhabitants but has marine terminals, hospitals, universities, and services of a big city, without losing its colonial charm. All Mexico forums talk of another colonial city that is 2 hours from Mexico City, which is the city of Puebla. Culture, gastronomy, and history make it the fourth largest city in Mexico. The population of the city was considered highly traditional, but has begun to move towards attracting tourists. It has a historic center that has become a World Heritage Site by Unesco. This city had a strong Spanish background, so much so that you can visit more than 70 churches with charm and a lot of history.

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