Your trip to Mexico’s guide

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10 March 2017
Your trip to Mexico’s guide

Mexico, corner of earth paradise ideal for an unforgettable vacation. With family, friends or a couple, it would appeal to everyone to experience an adventure in Mexico. A country that has several assets in its sleeve will enchant you and amaze with its fascinating sites, its unique natural riches and its exceptional culinary tastes.

Mexico, country of celebration and relaxation

By seeing the landscapes of Mexico on the travel sites, we all think that the local population is very fortunate to be able to live in such a paradise. Gaiety, a jovial mood and lively music prevail in this country. Put your sombrero to adventure on the land of Maya, the scene of mariachis and the country of idleness. Discover also the Mexican culture through its folklores, its arts and especially its cuisine. Taste tortillas stuffed with meats and spices accompanied by a good chorizo and a local drink. Experience the present moment by immersing yourself in a festive atmosphere such as the feast of the dead which is actually celebrated with great pomp. The ritual of tequila, salt and lemon definitely makes sense when one sees the warmth and effervescence of Mexican cities.

For different tastes, a single destination

Mexico is a very large and colorful country. Archeology fanatics, seasoned divers, or simply avid for clean air and stunning scenery, Mexico is made for everyone. Indeed, countless historical sites trace the existence of the pre-Columbian era with the Mayan civilization. For witnesses of this time, one can quote the site of Tulum which overlooks the beach. There is also the temple of el castillo and ruins in the forest, ideal for a hiking tour. These sites are also rich in mystery, to mention only the cenotes, in which, the Mayas practiced sacrifices for underworld and which is nowadays very popular with divers and archaeologists. Some must-see tourist areas such as the Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. The latter is a tourist area along the Caribbean and is a coveted dive site. For nature lovers, it also has protected areas and areas like the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and other excellent parks for a first trip to Mexico.

Staying in a cozy atmosphere during your trip to Mexico

Mexico is a very lively country and the population is warmly welcoming. To be able to enter Mexico and avoid any glitches, a valid passport is imperative, with this document you can travel the country without any problem because once you have started to visit, you will not be able to stop so much the place is magic. The atmosphere is everywhere, parties on the beach at dusk, or even shows on the street with dancers and musicians of any kind or even nightclubs and cabarets full to the brim. To be able to join all these places, it is possible to rent means of locomotion on the spot.

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